Inspired Abstract No.75789

an inspired Abstract, captured with my 4×5 and digital H-20 back

Here are the stats for the picture

  • Camera: Horseman 450 Large format 4×5 camera
  • Lens: Nikkor 360/500 configured for 500mm with the addition of a Nikkor T-5 close up filter/lens
  • H-20 Phase-One digital back
  • Shot info: ISO 50, 1/4 sec @ f/11 (wide open)

Now for the why and how of the picture.  I was inspired by the impromptu shot I made the previous day on a whim while photographing the hummingbirds in the side yard from my kitchen window, hence the title for today’s post.  I decided to try and do a purposeful Abstract using the digital back mounted on my 4×5 camera.  Part of the exercise was to make the picture from the same position as the previous day.  Doing this from the same position forced me to us the longest lens I had (500mm) to gain the same rough composition as the Nikon d7000/300mm lens combination gave me as well as a shallow DOF.  One of the immediate problems encountered was subject to camera distance (I did not have enough bellows length to focus that close) so to solve that issue I used an old trick of attaching a close-up filter to the front of the 500mm lens, a side effect of this is a shallower DOF which was just fine for this shot, as I was planning on shooting with as wide open an aperture as possible.  Once I had that problem solved I next played a bit with composition, you will note that I have chosen a portrait format crop for this image (the full frame of the H-20 is Square).  Having a Square image sensor allows for both Landscape and Portrait crops if desired, one just has to shoot with this in mind when composing the picture.  With all this done, I composed, shot and observed on my PC the captures coming from the back.  This is an example of one of the abilities of this back/camera combination.

Yes I could have done all this very easily with my DSLR, but that would have been to easy.  I met my self challenge in this exercise to create an Abstract with the above equipment.

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Tim . . . until next time … remember take only pictures, leave only footprints if you must.


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