So Long and Hello

So long 2019


Hello 2020


So goes another year, as I will refer back to my last post July-2019 I can say the Sabbatical has been a refreshing retreat from the slog of blogging and other such things.  I have maintained my DeviantArt posts and some on Facebook as well.  I did clean up my friends lists and follows as well . . . sorry if you where one who may have gotten the axe, but hey, some relatives got that as well !   I am starting to release my grip on various pieces of camera gear and trim down a bit . . . My plan is to end up with only what is current and relative to meet my needs (mostly wildlife & birds).

I really cannot say what my final plans will be or where my interests will take me.  I will leave these older posts which some value to old techniques, or photo equipment as references, if anyone uses any part of then please be kind and reference your source . . .

I’m having fun with Astro Photography as well as back out in the field with wildlife and birds . . . I’ll leave you with one here . . . you can always visit me on DeviantArt “Digipainter”  and view my wildlife posts there.

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes, early morning mist. Merced National Wildlife Refuge, Ca. USA

Well . . . So long 2019 . . .

Hello . . . 2020

Digi . . . . aka (Tim)



No action

No comments

No wisdom

on Sabbatical


If you follow this blog I apologize for my absence of writing, I haven’t had much time to be creative and have lost interest in many of the things that have brought me joy related to the subjects here . . . I have not worked with film, photo paper or even my film cameras of late . . . I am contemplating selling most of my film equipment and related items.  Most if not all Large format equipment is to go.   I will post a link to items and a contact email address if there is any interest.  At 66 I find lugging heavy equipment does me more harm than good (6 herniated discs along with degenerative disc disease kinda get in the way) and now with a pace maker installed I am focusing more on enjoying family.

Don’t worry, I still am shooting and enjoying a few evenings a week in the back yard observing the heavens with my telescopes, I am enjoying photographing my Hummingbirds as well.  I will not remove any of the developing, equipment reviews or other posts related to Large Format or my experiments related to caffenol posts or other informative posts like that . . . I will probably roll this blog up into a information blog, removing non informative posts.  I finally retired my Nikon D7000 and replaced it with a new D500 & 200~500 nikkor lens . . . I still love to go birding when I can.

Thanks for all the comments and kind emails . . . I have enjoyed sharing . . . I’m not gone (totally) but will not be posting with the vigor I once did here.  Remember, get off your butt, get out, shoot often and push yourself to do better or try something new.   Much like the era of film, I am fading away.

Enjoy finding nuggets in the posts here . . . it’s time to turn off the safe light, dump the developer and wash out the last of the fixative . . . I might contemplate a writing an autobiography of my film days if that doesn’t seem to presumptuous of me . . . anyway


DigiPainTeR . . . aka (Tim)

is outta here

Bigger isn’t always better

It’s true . . . Depending on what you want to image (in astro photography) bigger isn’t always better, the exception being Sensor size . . . you don’t need to spend a lot of money either . . .buying used can stretch your dollars and you may already have some of what you need !  an older manual focus camera lens can work . . . (more…)

Deflated expectations

So you bought or where given a shiny new telescope . . .

Now what . . . your going to do what almost everyone who gets a new telescope does . . .   put it together, head outside (at night) and point it up at something and expect to see . . . (more…)

Let’s talk Astro Photography

Well hey . . It’s 2019, glad to be here and glad to talk about a subject that is as confusing as . . .

well the number of countless sights and other objects to see and photograph in the night sky.

IC 443 the Jellyfish Nebula.  there are some 64,500 stars visible in this photo.


Dog Days of Summer

Why fly when you can Dine afoot (female Anna’s Hummingbird)

Yes we are in the Dog Days of Summer . . it is August, we just broke a heat wave record of the most consecutive days of temps above 100 degrees (we were in the 104 – 105 range for the most of it) 22 days . . . I will tell you this, that 99 degree day really did feel cooler ( psychologically is did).    And now, well now we are in August . . .  Central California forests are burning, smoke and haze are in the air making breathing difficult . . . and yep it’s nasty outside the ol’ kitchen window  (more…)

A Mid Summers Dream

NGC7380, the Wizard Nebula taken 06-28-2018. This is a narrow band image using an H-alpha Filter, a total of 1 hour imaging time on target.

No it’s not a Hubble photo . . . far from that imaging quality, but, none the less, I am pleased with the quality and the image itself.  It is very amazing how far imaging has come, no longer (or seldom) is film used in astronomical photography.  The advent of digital revolutionized amateur astro-photography, and pushing the quality of both sensors, cameras and telescopes to new levels of quality for the average astronomer.  I am sure most of you in my age bracket can remember at least one of those tasco (more…)

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